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Alexey Vladimirovich  


About me

Looking for a job of an Oracle DBA or consultant, Microsoft SQL DBA, UNIX administrator, or systems administrator.

I am a database administrator, a programmer... Just a good liver.

My major specialization is Oracle Database Administration. Though, there is a number of other projects and activities, for example: software engineering, IT consulting, training, network and system administration and so on. Also I think I perform well as a non-professional photographer.

I was born in early eighties in Vladivostok, Russia, and lived there till 2008. I graduated from school 23 and then from Far-Eastern National (State) University (FENU or FESU). The latter has recently been renamed to Far-Eastern Federal University.



2013.05.04 A Countdown manager decided to have my bags checked as I exited their supermarket in Levin. They've got policies. Well, I decided that I will hardly go back to Countdowns. I've got my own policy not to buy anything of people suspecting me to be a thief.
2012.08.01 My cv has been renewed.
2008.11.25 Commenced employment with TelstraClear Ltd.
2008.11.23 Arrived in Wellington, New Zealand, on Work Visa.
2008.09.26 Read a couple of courses on Oracle 10g administration and programming at Academy IT training center in Khabarovsk. Like the city, by the way.
2008.09.09 Got a SCSA certificate, quite happy being a first person certified in my department — even our Sun admins don't have it.
2008.06.04 My cv has been updated.
2008.06.03 This site is available at and
2007.12.30 Site HTML has been reformatted to meet XHTML 1.0 Transitional specification.
2007.12.28 My cv has been renewed.
2007.11.13 My cv has been renewed.
2007.10.19 I am leaving Russia for a month to study English in Languages International, Auckland, New Zealand.
2007.10.18 A group photo has been published. I am at the left side.
2007.08.29 DBA 10g Certificate has delivered.
2007.08.03 Finally managed to set up replication of two mirrors, of the site. Automatic failover is on the way.
2007.07.31 My cv has been renewed.
2007.07.12 I have attended the "Oracle Database 10g: Implement and Administer a Data Warehouse" training. The certificate is available.
2007.07.07 I have passed IELTS General Module exam, although the result are just "good" (7.0). The certificate is available.
2007.06.01 My cv has been renewed.
2007.02.03 Vacation photos have published.
2006.10.28 I was a judge on Far-Eastern quarterfinal of an ACM International Programming Contest and made a couple of shots in between using a new flash.



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